B.I.M School Ghana

"we believe every
child is unique "


The British International Montessori School (B.I.M) is a British-Ghanaian venture set up to help the local communities in and around Aplaku in the district of Weija just outside Accra, Ghana. The B.I.M school uses the Montessori approach to teaching & provides affordable & for some children free education to the local population of children.

A core concept of the school is that every child should be free of hunger, be happy and feel safe and secure. We are proud of what we do ; we make every child feel unique, special, safe and that is the best basis that will allow children to be able to receive education.

Illness is a block to health but also to the potential to learn so we are working together with Ghana health services at our local clinic so that children with parents permission can be checked & to make sure their immunization is up to date We very much welcome help and support from international volunteers who would consider working with us; at bf we can offer many exciting opportunities at all skill levels in different roles so please do consider contacting us!